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The Opportunity

After ten years of steady grassroots work, Growing Together is poised to propel climate solutions forward through connecting the dots between food justice and food systems, youth empowerment, economic opportunity, and community health to effect greater systems changes. New schools approach us weekly asking for gardens, and education programs, with some funding of their own, often just an extra infusion of 20-30K is what is needed to get their programs off the ground!

Strengths: Strong ties to the community, longstanding relationships with partners across sectors, and the experience, passion, and skill of our team.

The Need

Our work is currently funded almost entirely by restricted government grants and through fee-for-service contracts with school districts. General operating support would provide the flexibility needed to more effectively leverage 1.9M in secured program funding, and allow GT to continue to innovate, and collaborate to amplify our incredible work.

Needs: Flexible funding that allows for responsive, innovative programming, integrating technology strategically to better serve our communities, organization strengthening, and movement building work.


Your Donation 

Your donation means so much to us!

$50 ... supports 10 low cost CSA boxes to provide local farm fresh produce to our school families

$100 ... 2.5 hours of environmental education for K-12 students

$500 ... sponsor the planting of 20 fruit trees for a school campus or neighborhood fruit tree orchard.

$1,000 ... Purchase a set of garden tools and education supplies for a school garden.

$10,000 ... Build a new school garden at a new partner site

$25,000 - $50,000 ... Run a program at new partner site

Any donation amount is welcomed and appreciated!

We are actively fundraising and welcome conversations for partnerships and larger philanthropic gifts. Click here for information on how to send a check or wire transfer.

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