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Day of 100 Trees for Peace: 2013

Thank you for an incredibly successful and beautiful day of planting!!! Read about it on our blog here. Details of the planting locations from the event in 2013 are below. Also check out information on the 100 Trees for Peace events that we ran in  2014


Oakland City Wide Day of Fruit Tree Planting for Peace!​

 Sep 21 2013

– Workshops @ 10 am – Tree Plantings all Day – Celebration @ 6 pm

(see below for details)


We are planting 100+ trees for peace! On this day, where around the globe there will be mass gatherings and actions for peace, for the international day of peace, we are joining together to do one of the most life giving and life serving acts out there – plant fruit trees in a city wide coordinated effort that will nourish people for decades to come and heal and beautify our city at the same time.  


Workshops: 10-11 am.

East Oakland – Cesar Chavez Park at 37th ave + Foothill; 10-11:30. Taught by Justin Valone, awesome teacher, food justice activist, and urban ag professor.

West Oakland - City Slickers - 34th st + Peralta St, Fitzgerald & Union Plaza. 10- 11, co-taught by City Slickers



NOTE: we are seeking volunteers for sites 1, 4, 9, and 12 (see below). Let us know if you can make it out to volunteer, email or just show up.


East Oakland


1. Oakland Youth Revolution Garden and Community Center

3026 E16th St, Oakland

12 noon

contact: Cassandra Chen

Volunteers Wanted!

Planting 7 Trees


2. Franklin Community Center

1010 E 15th St, Oakland

New garden for refugee communities

Contact: Zack Reidman

Planting in the morning

Planting 2 trees


3. Sobrante Park and East Oakland Gardens

Contact Emily Fuentes

Planting Friday the 20th

Planting 8 trees


4. Cesar Chavez Park +Harrington Ave Neighbors + Templo Sinai Church

37th ave and Foothill

Contact: Mirian Obermeyer

Planting at 3 pm

Planting 21 trees

Volunteers Wanted – meet at Cesar Chavez Park


5. Stonehurst Elementary

E st. and 103rd ave

Contact: Suzanne Ludlum

Planting Sep 20th 1-5 pm

Planting 10 trees


6. Rudsdale School Garden

1180 70th Ave

Contact: Renee

Planting 2 trees


7. La Biblioteca and neighbors

2334 E 15th st, Oakland

Planting 8 trees

Planting on the 23rd



West Oakland


8. St. Mary's Center Garden

925 Brockhurst St

33rd and San Pablo

Contact: Christopher Shein

Planting Sep 18th 9:30am-12:30 pm

Volunteers welcome

Planting 10 trees


9. City Slickers Backyard Gardeners

Workshop at 34th and Peralta Streets at garden at Fitzgerald and Union Plaza Park

Contact: Maggie

Volunteers wanted!

Workshop 10-11 followed by plantings at 11 am

Planting 14 trees



North Oakland/ South Berkeley


10. PLACE for Sustainable Living and St Columba's Church

1121 64th st, Oakland

Contact: Gerardo Leon/ Veronica

Planting 8 trees


11. Spiral Gardens

Oregon and Sacramento, Berkeley

Planting and volunteer day 11 am on

Planting 3 trees


12. Ashby Community Garden:

1370 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley

Contact: Bonnie Boruki

Planting at 2:30pm

Volunteers wanted

Planting 8 trees


13. Phat Beets Produce

Dover Park garden at 57th and Dover St , Oakland

Contact: Max Cadji

Planting and community meetup, potluck and celebration at 6 pm; Outdoor movie screening at 7:30.

Planting 1 tree


Celebration: 6-9 pm, Meet at 6 to meet other tree planters, create collaborative map of plantings, plant and dedicate one last tree for peace, and share potluck. Outdoor movie screening @ Dover Park w/ Phat Beets at 57th + Dover at 7:30 pm – bring blankets. Come chill out and watch a movie in the park after a long day of plantings! We will be serving yummy movie snacks! All are welcome.

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