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Founded in Oakland in 2013, Growing Together’s mission is to green our community’s schools and neighborhoods. We work for the health and sustainability of school communities through schoolyard greening, growing school gardens with youth, and increasing access to fresh food. We aim to support young people to connect with the living world around them. 

Our staff includes educators, landscapers, naturalists, farmers, and parents from our schools. As a staff we have over 50 years combined specialized experience in hands-on outdoor education and garden + orchard stewardship.

In 2020, Growing Together began a deeper collaboration with our friends at Common Vision as an affiliate partner.


In response to the COVID 19 crisis, we have pivoted our programs towards providing fresh food for our school communities (through our Farms to Communities program, through which we are currently delivering food to thousands of families every week!). We are also supporting online garden education at select schools and training teachers in best practices for outdoor education.

Tree Plantings with Kids
Past Events
Restorative Justice and Trees

Growing Together works on several different community food and environmental justice projects, including Farms to Communities, and Schoolyard Greening. However, in the past, we were primarily a fruit tree planting organization. See below for a map of fruit trees planted in Oakland from 2013-2017.

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